Fruit or PACE is one of the Creativity of Allah SWT in which contain many functions, benefits, and the wisdom or the lesson, for both physical and psychological. In addition as the creativity, the fruit is also as one of the forms of Omniscient Affection Allah SWT to all His organism especially for those who feel and realize that to get affection. Thing like this that will say "Our Lord, You have never created this with the vain, Glory to Thee, and guard us from the torment of Hell" (QS. Ali 'Imran: 191).
Tree Pace or grown on land of lime dpl with a height of 1.000m. High, only about 3-8 m with a clear main stem. Be bordered by wrapping leaves, green colors. Hump-shaped flowers on axilla leaves. Fruit is not bruised bump -order. Reached 5-10 cm in length. Pace. At this time the author will only focus on the discussion on fruit only.
Fruit of Pace if viewed from the physical is not the fruit that looks beautiful and inviting everyone to view. This is because, a lot of skin it’s black bumps that resembles boil. So that's not the little man is considered as a fruit that does not contain functions, benefits and wisdom of any kind. However, in actually are inlay-pearl inlay and medical wisdom of extraordinary incredible for each person who will understand and make be modeling. The state of fruit of Pace this teaches every man to be humble, not arrogant, not supercilious, and not showroom to get praise or recognition from an external party or parties outside the business to manipulate the things that actually does not exist in itself. Internalization of himself that he indeed is sequestered in the soil so that appears as something that seems not have any distinction in the views of others.
Attitudes and behavior of this self-exile in view of tasawwuf is often called the seclusion. Seclusion is not like people to do the ritual form of asceticism, that is to go and silence in a quiet place to juxtapose themselves to Allah SWT. But more of it all, done by the seclusion of this fruit of Pace higher position. He was to self-deport to change the nature disgraceful inherent merit- attentive always with the Lord and still socialize with their environment.
Fruit of Pace have Scopoletin womb, that is a compound that serves to set up blood pressure. When high blood pressure, help lower scopoletin. Conversely if the blood pressure becomes low, it will put up. Indicated antibacteri addition, this compound also set the hormone serotonin, which helps decrease the rate worries and depression. It also contains Morindin, this nutritious substances in the body's defense system to improve. In addition to the above two substances, pace also contains gum, malat acid, citric acid, and antiseptic compound.
Although the fruit of Pace hide the interest in simplicity and clothing tend be viled but he has feelings and awareness as being obliged to implement a perform command and avoid restrictions. Apparently he is a figure who is always trying to help the organism to another can actualiz of his fitrah become so organism that can perform the function of both the original and correct. Humans have two functions at once, ie, functions as a servant who is due servant to the Lord and also as the caliph who must maintain a balance of the universe.
Fruit mengkudu easy in life to help fellow brothers and sisters that are being experienced inconsistencies religiousitas to return immediately to the proper track, which is a condition where people become human. If the fruit mengkudu see people who have lofty, snooty, arrogant, and was high compared to other people then he immediately invite a to return to a normal human being and positive. That such efforts are truly wise and learned so that it does not cause negative effects. Similarly, when I saw a man who lives there is no passion to go forward or not he immediately come on. Efforts that do not just give advice but it only seeks the potential that it has been owned by them.
That is the fruit of Pace. He has the ability to be stabilizing and even improving the positive human condition. However he does not show that ability in front of another creature. Ability is covered with cloth simplicity. Ability not only seen, but can be found with felt.
Hopefully we all can see, learn, understand, modelling, empaty, and inspirit. Amen.



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    Will eating only fruit throughout a day, in addition to one evening meal, help me lose weight at a steady pace?