A. Introduction

Phenomena adolescent like a monkey black circle that is not complete since the end of the first until now. Experts from various scientific disciplines have attempted criticize this problem. However, it seems teenagers hoax from year to year is always a significant improvement. The problem of quality is increasingly complex. This along with the complexity race onrush of modernization to stop in various parts of the world, especially Indonesia. In Indonesia, the adolescent naughtiness is not the monopoly is just urban youth, but youth-teenagers who live in rural areas has also been affected by the virus began.

Adolescents dido in the study of social science entry in deviant behavior. Deviant behavior in the perspective of social problems occur because there is a diversion from the various behavioral rules or social values and social norms that apply. Deviant behavior can be considered as a source of problems because it can endanger perpendicularity social system. The use of the concept of deviant behavior in the implicit meaning that there are lines that should be standard. Behavior that is not through these means have been deviant.

Deviant behavior in the life of the community is also called the social pathology or social disease. Social pathology if left alone it can disrupt social stability. Disturbed social stability will be the symptoms of chaos or chaos. Therefore, the dido adolescent problems can not be considered as a matter of simple or even considered to be reasonable. This problem must be attituded taken seriously by all parties with a way to collect and identify the factors that encouraged, specify the steps that must be applied and perform the last action or treatment.

Wright to share the kind of adolescent mischief in some circumstances:

  1. neurotic adolescent delinquency are shy, too sensitive person, withdrawn, anxiety and low self-experience. They have a strong encouragement to do a hoax, such as theft itself, the action of aggressive suddenly without reason because mastered by delusion and self fantacy.
  2. Unsocialized delinquent, an attitude like that against someone of power, a sense enemy and spiteful. Praise and punishment is not useful for them. They never feel guilty nor regret that the act was done. Often throw an error and responsibility to others. To get the respect and recognition of fear or other people also often perform acts of courage, grandeur, and beyond a doubt.
  3. Pseudo social delinquent, adolescents who have a high loyalty to the group or "gang" so that his attitude appear docile, loyal, solidarity and the good. If things do not act hoax awareness of self as well but based on suspicion that he must perform a duty that the group has outlined. Groups provide a sense of security to himself because he was always ready to meet the obligations placed or assigned by group. While groups are groups that can not be well received by people because of actions and activities that often restless community.

B. These Force Factors
Factors affecting the occurrence of adolescent mischief that two factors internal and external factors.

1. Internal Factors

Internal factor is the factor in the adolescent self itself. Teenagers are individuals who have left childhood full of dependency and towards the establishment of responsibility (Basri, 1995). At this time the individual development of the two, namely the development of bio-physical and psychological or psychiatric.

The biological, hormones in the body of a teenage maturity which this maturity sexual affect the occurrence of stimulus-stimulus of the sexual life and turbulent. Teenagers start to have interest in the type of opponent, while the introduction of the self that is still lacking. In addition, adolescent physical condition also had a role in the emergence of adolescent mischief, such as the existence of disability and so on.

The psychological, the root of the problem teenagers have difficulties going on himself, namely individuasi, regulation, and integration. Difficulties in overcoming individuasi, namely the difficulties in realizing themselves as adults. Reality because his attitude that ambivalence. Difficulties in the regulation problem is because young people in his capablity not adjust itself with the changes that are very rapidly in the field of physical and sexual. While the difficulties of integration caused by young people in difficulty to adjust and integrate norms or values and attitudes with the norms or standards of value in society (in Rumke Sabri, 1997).

Youth is the identity search. At this time, something that most ambition himself is to seek and find a new identity for himself. A search effort clarity about who himself? What role in society? Is it useful to include people or not? And a myriad of other problems associated with the encompass identity. On the other hand, adolescents also begin weigh himself with other people ririskiky not professional and does not tend to think realistically. As a result, when the standards are not achieved, young people begin search for fugitive release emosinya. So, with these cases of adolescent mischief be resonanced (Haedari, 2005).

2. External Factors

External factors more dominated by the environment in which young people live it. Environment that there are three, the family environment, school, and community (Sukmadinata, 2003). Factors that emerged from the family environment is very closely related to how the pattern of foster parents and family conditions.

Pattern foster democracy on the model with different direspon by their children than the foster authoritarian pattern or permisif. Still many parents unaware that foster a pattern that has a large influence on the incidence of adolescent mischief, especially concerning the quality of relationship problems or interpersonal communication relationships (Saad, 2003). In modern life often found that an individual feels sequestered, isolated, and neglectful, even in the midst of a busy life. A psychologist writing a communication about this as follows: in the absence of affection, acceptance, love and share a sense of fun with other people, so many people feel alone, rejected, ignored, and the doghouse (Brooks and Emmert, 1977).

If someone fails in the antarpribadi a good relationship, including the parents themselves, they will be happy delusion circumstances, physical and mental illness, aggressive, and flee from the reality of life. Therefore, the relationship with other people, including the parents, should be colored by a principle of a communication and build relationships that can encourage the occurrence of a healthy relationship (Rakhmat, 1986).

While the factors that emerged from the school environment is derived from the design of the curriculum is wrong. Design curriculum still trapped in ranah cognitive, while afective and psychomotoric not at all manner. Flare modernization of education which requires regularity, in the end only withdrawl hand-side of humanity of the students. Students the withdrawal of a robot forced to eat with all knowledge, and ultimately prepared the work as a search engine only.
This condition worsened again with the fact that the curriculum for this effect, it appeared that only focuses on theoretical aspects only. So, nothing else and not the curriculum that has not produce the next generation-the generation tercerabut from the real world, the next generation-the generation of emotional skill and not ready to face the hard life. Schools in general, only able to produce the next generation of intelligent thinking in distress but the option to live and act confused.

Environmental community also has a large contribution to the emergence of teenage mischief. This is certainly related to and have straight or not and not the norm or value of society itself. Society is ready to filter the main negative influence coming from outside. However, it will be fatal if the norms or values in the society is experiencing a shifting. Victims are young people first. This is because young people are individuals who have the search phase identification and easy to do something new. Not to mention the emergence of a sense want to be recognized as members of a community.

C. Steps To Cope Contructive Adolescent Hoax
Has been agreed by all parties that regardless of mischief done by teenagers and young people is very restless disrupt people's lives and therefore need to preventive. Agreed that preventive efforts or of prevention is better than an effort to improve the condition of damaged and dangerous terlanjur.

Therefore, a series of review and improvement of return following conditions:
First, the Building and improving the quality of the family so that both parents had a foster and develop the personality and character of their children with good and beatify. Time parents in the home need to use be intensived especially in communication with their children so that sense of affection, attention and guidance can be implemented well.

Second, Building a healthy social environment in terms of normative and responsive to the behavioral gaffe gaffe-warganyadan always trying improve. People who need to be completely abandoned and condition be upright that reasonable, healthy, and honorable. Any form of social activity and the negative impact for development of moral, social responsibility and adolescents and youth need to be erased.

Third, make healthy again serving in the materials and mass media, both print and electronic, as well as books and magazines and movie posters.

Fourth, Manage and control with full responsibility, and behavior of the tourists in and outside the country, that does not negatively impact the process of personality development of adolescents and youth.

Fifth, community leaders both formal and non formal improve themselves need both in word and life habits that can be a role model by example, and the community generally, and especially the younger generation. The reprehensible action is very large negative impact on adolescents and youth.

Sixth, Places of recreation and sport berolah healthy and meet the requirements necessary, by not reduced. Clean places recreation of an impression as a place to carry out disgraceful actions and action other sins.
Seventh, Increase in religious education as well as community education and training activities that are useful for the life of the community (Basri, 1995).

D. Conclusion
Naughtiness be attituted teenagers should be subtle and immediately made a tinadakan the true, good and right that young people back on his fitrah as a man who always loved a good thing. Handling phenomenon of adolescent mischief can not be on the one hand, but all parties have the same responsibility and should be proportional and professional.


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