Shalat and Love of Allah SWT

By waluyo on 1:19 AM

"Indeed, prayer is fardlu a specified time on those who believe" (QS. An-Nisa ': 103)

Each person must perform Islamic prayers five times a day for the night. However, condition of prayer five times this must be carried out, except for women who are bleeding, for a madman, for people who are unconscious, and for people who are drunk. Be required each person to perform Islamic prayers five times in any condition and this raises many fundamental questions. Among them is why Allah SWT require us to conduct prayer? What is the legal obligation of prayer is conducting one of the desire for Allah SWT is always worshiped by the his organism? Or because of what? 
Prayer is not simply one of the communication media between transendental with the Lord, the creature is subject, where the organism can be there to worship Him with a full sense of admiration, sincerity, obedience, and love, and pray, but it turns out a procession to the impact of derivative a positive physical and psychological. 
Shalat will oversee and guide those who implement them to remain in their disposition, namely nation to Allah SWT, to-Esaan acknowledge Him, and covet covet truth, and want to always follow the teachings Him. So that in the Al-Qur'an explained that the prayer will avoid people who do acts of indecency and may (Al-'Ankabut: 45). 
Prophet Muhammad SAW in some his hadits said that prayer can make a calm, prosperous, and piecefull soul. In addition, prayer can also cure various diseases, such as stomach disease that have been suffered by a friend of Abu Hurairah RA Functions as are prayer, that also has been proven through the truth of scientific research by experts from various scientific disciplines, such as medical and psychological. 
If be the more, the functions and benefits of prayer to guide and direct all people to be able to do it back to the condition disposition after rove the steep-pitched, black and white, and bitter sweet of world. In the world, many people wrestle with the obstacles and temptations that have a tendency to obscure or even his disposition. Man who has been blurred or the disposition is lost will usually lose their main function as a slave and himself as agency of Allah SWT in this world. In fact the two functions is the core of meaning of life. 
Other evidence that prayer works to guide and direct people to return to the his disposition can be seen from the picture count from each corner of the harmonious movements made by all members in one body reka'at. Founded in reka'at same with 00, ruku '900 , and bowed down twice with the respective amount in 1350 so in 2700. This series of movements with it’s corner each note if the result is the same as the 3600 or a full circle. Depart from one period (disposition) back to the period (disposition) back. 
Based on the above considerations, we at least get an answer with a conclusion that have to be pray five times than as a harmonious, prayer is also a form of love of Allah SWT to each His organism the Islamic faith and with full charity. Allah SWT does not want the same once every His organism living in misery. For that, pick up and reach the love of Allah SWT with the magnificent prayer needs as an obligation not just as certainly will be more delicious it felt. Because people who get the love of Allah SWT akan when something has awareness that any deeds not only see the true self, but the good and for others, is also valid according to the teachings of Allah SWT.


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